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Video Requests

05/19/2015, 11:45am PDT
By Staff

If you are a player that is requesting video from past or future events, please email .  Videos from past events/games are available with rates starting at $100.  


To inquire about future events, please email Steve at the above link.  Rates depend on number of players and travel expenses, average cost is usually around $125.  

For teams and schools these are the rates: 

1-5 players: $200

5-12 players: $200  (with $25/player going to school or team)

12 or more players:  $200 (with $50/player going to school or team)

Rate is for one video per player, for two way players, an additional video will be provided for an additional $25, pitching and position player videos will be separate.

Average video runs 1:30 to 2:30, catchers are generally a little longer.  

Player Sample: Gabriel Malagamba Prospect Video, SS, Olympian High School Class of 2017

Pitcher Sample: Alexander Eiji Salazar Prospect Video, RHP, CBA Baseball

If you have video you would like edited and uploaded, the cost is $25 and $25 per output minute (2 minute video would be $75).  Video will not have Prospect Pipeline logos on it, but completed video will be public on the Prospect Pipeline Youtube Channel. 

EX:  Korey Cirks Prospect Video, RHP, Orange Lutheran High School Class of 2017


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